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FreeCV installation and Configuration guide

FreeCV is an opensource and free web application which help you to build your online CV on your personal website. This project has built on top of Laravel framework. Read More

Step 7: Customize FreeCV for yourself

As a website owner you need to change your website title, description, keywords and also you might wanted to use Google Analytics on your website Read More

Step 6: Share your knowledge

One of the most important part of having a great website, is the content that you produce for your website. Read More

Step 5: Where to find you

Let other people find you in social media or maybe you wanted to mention a phone number or and email address. Read More

Step 4: Where have you been

The person who is reading your CV likes to know where have you educated in and worked for. Also they might wanted to know which courses have you completed. So, in this section you could add these information. Read More