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Since 2008, I have experience in Computer industry, ultimately gaining experiences in network and endpoint security. These recent years, I had the experience of managing a group of technical engineers in different companies which they are providing endpoint security solutions like Anti-Viruses, Anti-APT (Advanced Persistence Threat), Virtualization Security, etc to the enterprise organizations.

I would love to join a team that they have a cool atmosphere to achieve their goals. I usually have something to say to make a smile on faces!

I love software development and scripting languages and I developed some web applications like CMS, CV Builder, Online Store management, URL Shortener and a small CRM for SMB companies. I also love to share my experiences in my personal website at http://mjmohebbi.com.

Malware analysis is the other things i really love to know more about. Since I have the experience of working with open-source and free software's, I prepared my personal and basic malware analysis lab based on free and open-source tools, like: Virtual Box, Cuckoo Sandbox, Kali Linux, Sysinternal Tools, pfSense.

In my spare time, I like camping and love to spend this time under the sky and of course stars.

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